7 Travel Accessories You Can Pick Up On The Go

You’re on the rush for your next vacation or travel plans when you suddenly realize you’ve forgotten something vital! Oh no! Luckily enough, there are plenty of travel stops that allow you to pick up any forgotten items. If that’s the case, maybe consider purchasing these products instead of trying to fit them all in your bag.

1.) Travel Wallet
Travel wallets are great for when you need that extra little bit of space. They have room for your credit cards, identification, and even boarding pass for train and airplane tickets. Consider picking one up if you have a lot of small but vitally essential items to organize.

2.) Hanging Toiletry Bag
Making sure that your personal items don’t explode and get all over your bag is vital. If you need a way to freshen up while on the go consider picking up a hanging toiletry bag. They allow for the organization of small items and can help create space within your luggage.

3.) External Phone Battery/Charger
When on the run the last thing a traveler has time to do is sit down and charge their mobile device. Getting an eternal phone charger can help you charge your device while on the run. Some external batteries are big enough for multiple charges! Make sure how much voltage your phone needs to charge before purchasing an external battery. We also recommend getting one with multiple ports so that any of your unprepared friends can charge their phones too!

4.) Custom Luggage Tag
Get to the train station to see that everyone there has luggage similar to yours? Oh no! A quick and simple fix is to pick up some luggage tags. Luggage tags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your personal preference.

5.) Travel Scarves
Have you ever wanted the comfort of warmth while gaining additional pockets? Well, now you can! Travel scarves are all the rage with zipper pockets to add items into. If you’re worried about putting your keys, passport, or money somewhere that you’ll forget, you can put it into your scarf instead! Comfort and security all in one affordable bundle.

6.) Headphone Cord Organizer
If you like listening to your music as you travel it’s essential to keep your headphone cords in a quality condition. Wrapping them up and just sticking them into any old pocket or bag has a high possibility of them getting tangled with other cords, keys, and a mess of another item. They can even get trapped together with themselves! Getting a cable organizer helps to keep you out of this crazy mess.

7.) Compact Travel Umbrella
It’s hard to plan for every weather scenario and when you’re traveling it may be one of the last things on your restless and distracted mind. Picking up a compact travel umbrella is a great way to have everything you need in the pocket of your jacket! Compact Travel Umbrellas are about the size of your hand while folded up but still have the advantage of keeping you dry in the rain.